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Commercial Litigation Services

Alan Jacobs & Associates has accredited mediators experienced and ready to deal with all COVID-19 legal disputes, from commercial, labour, medical, landlord, tenant, leases, litigation, and many others.

Alan Jacobs & Associates is a litigation specialist firm with particular expertise in the area of commercial litigation, divorce and family law, labour and employment law and extensive experience in liquidations, foreclosures and all mortgage bond-related matters and sequestrations.

We also offer expert legal advice in the field of labour and employment law. Alan is a long-standing member of the South African Society for Labour Law (SASLAW).


Our clients depend on us to help them resolve a broad range of disputes.

Alan Jacobs & Associates has extensive experience in and understanding of the rules of court and strategy and negotiation expertise. This gives us the competitive edge to help our clients, among other things, surprise their opponents.


We are a renowned Corporate and Commercial legal firm ...

Alan Jacobs & Associates provides clients with a broad range of corporate and commercial law services. Our focus as a law practice is to work with our clients in partnership to ensure the success of whatever business endeavour they embark on. We provide our clients with quality and professional negotiation skills, prepare agreements, and structure and implement deals.


Our Labour law services include but are not limited to; individual service contracts...

At Alan Jacobs & Associates, we provide our clients with comprehensive labour and employment legal services. This includes unprecedented events relating to COVID-19 and how it has forever changed the landscape of work and working conditions. We offer our labour services to both employees and employers and strive always to resolve labour matters peacefully and in a calculated manner.


...perfect choice for  your Trust & Legal Estate planning needs.

Alan Jacobs & Associates provides specialist trust and legal estate planning services. This service is an essential part of everyone's life. Once you possess liabilities and assets, it is vital to have an estate plan in place. We can help you finalise an all-encompassing estate plan and trust with minimal hassle, no matter the complexities of your assets.


...we provide our clients with administration and legislation
services for the entire liquidation process on your behalf.

Alan Jacobs & Associates are experts in sequestrations and liquidations. Through extensive experience in this field, we can provide our clients with all the necessary assistance to dissolve assets to pay off liabilities. At Alan Jacobs & Associates, we provide our clients with advice and administration services for the entire liquidation process on your behalf. We also handle voluntary surrender or forced surrender matters. Let us help alleviate the stress that inevitably goes with the sequestration and liquidation process.


Our attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. We care about our clients

Alan Jacobs & Associates offers divorce law services. Our attorneys are here to help you every step of the way. We care about our clients, and we strive to protect, maintain, and ensure a healthy family life. We offer legal advice to our clients, providing marital and prenuptial or antenuptial agreements, assistance with custody and maintenance agreements, handle settlement negotiations, and all court proceedings relating to a divorce. We understand the importance of causing as little disruption in the lives of children affected by divorce. You can trust Alan Jacobs & Associates always to place their best interest first.


It is important to know that the buyer of a property is allowed to choose their own legal entity to assist in the transfer...

Alan Jacobs & Associates can act as a conveyancing provider if you're buying or selling a home. We will assist our clients with the settlement transfer of property. In addition, our team will ensure that all your legal obligations are met and your rights protected during a property transaction. Alan Jacobs manages the entire conveyancing process in association with Jennifer Mynhardt Attorneys.


We have experienced attorneys who have been admitted in the High Court of South Africa to function as a
Notary Public...

At Alan Jacobs & Associates, we offer Notary Public services. We have experienced attorneys who have been admitted to the High Court of South Africa to function as a Notary Public. These attorneys can draw up and attest contracts and statements, witness signatures, and authenticate the validity of specific sensitive documents.

Mediation, Alternative Conflict Resoluti

 ...Alan Jacobs is an experienced mediator accredited by Conflict Dynamics

Alan Jacobs, who heads up the team of Alan Jacobs & Associates, is an experienced mediator accredited by Conflict Dynamics. A mediator is a qualified and skilled individual who brings about a settlement of disputes of any nature. Mediation is used in divorce matters, domestic matters, neighbour disputes, commercial matters, labour matters, and in any arena where there is conflict.

Business rescue consultation

Alan Jacobs & Associates assists companies of all sizes through the process of business rescue. We start by assessing the business' eligibility to apply for business rescue. Next, we develop a business rescue plan, followed by preparing and submitting the application to the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Finally, we provide consultation and mediation with affected persons and creditors.

Contact Alan Jacobs & Associates

As a team of attorneys, notaries, and conveyancers, Alan Jacobs & Associates offers a comprehensive legal solution under one roof. If you would like more information about how Alan Jacobs & Associates can assist you in any of the above legal matters, get in touch with their team of experienced attorneys for more details.

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