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09. Mediation

Meditation Services

A mediator is a person who is qualified and skilled, as well as accredited, to bring about a settlement of disputes. Whoever consults the parties either separately or together, the mediator creates a dynamic for settlement, where the advantages of an expeditious settlement over a protracted litigious expensive matter, are manifest.


Mediation is without prejudice to both parties and completely off the record. If the Mediator succeeds, the parties save a fortune and avoid trauma and anguish.


Mediation is used in divorce matters, domestic matters, neighbour disputes, commercial matters, labour matters and indeed in any arena where there is conflict.


Alan Jacobs is an experienced mediator accredited by Conflict Dynamics. He is passionate about mediation and is vastly experienced having attended to numerous mediations during his career in the labour arena, divorce arena, commercial arena, internal corporate disputes, etc.


The principal advantage of mediation is that it is a win - win situation.  There is no pressure to enter into any agreement, it is on a voluntary basis after receiving experienced advice. 


A quick mediation eliminates the trauma that would be ongoing, and indeed in most cases preserves a relationship.


The parties to the mediation control the process as it is not left up to a 3rd party, a judge, to decide the outcome.


We have had numerous successes in resolving disputes, at an early stage.

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