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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

If you are confronted by a conflictive divorce or are contemplating a divorce which will be opposed and acrimonious, it is important to first consider the benefits of a Mediation. I have been mediating matters of all human conflict: divorce, dismissal, partners’ disputes, shareholders’ disputes, neighbours’ disputes, etc., for over 30 years. My role as an accredited mediator is to first meet with the parties separately, to discuss their perceptions of the dispute and the outcome they wish to achieve. I create a dynamic at the mediation which then leads to consulting the parties together, in a cool, calm and collected manner. I do not tolerate theatrics! The entire mediation process is conducted off the record, and without prejudice to both parties’ rights, which is a clear advantage. Should the divorce not be settled, anything said at the mediation CANNOT be used by either spouse against the other, at the divorce. As an experienced mediator I am very well versed in the practical mechanisms in managing a mediation. I have settled numerous divorces, prior to the parties incurring expensive litigation fees, as a result of a lengthy litigation procedure, often accompanied by trauma and stress. Over the decades that I have mediated disputes, my success rate has been overwhelming. Parties have complimented me on my empathy for the situation and my sincere, passionate approach to resolving the disputes. My practical knowledge as a divorce lawyer, reinforces my support for the mediation process, to avoid the attendant stress that accompanies the litigation of a divorce. Should the mediation fail and not settle, the parties are then able to pursue a divorce by way of litigation, having explored, seriously, the path of mediation. If the divorce is settled by mediation, I prepare a settlement agreement which is then signed by both parties, attached to the divorce summons, which then proceeds on an unopposed basis, where the divorce order is obtained quickly.

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