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04. Trust & Estate Planning

Trust & Estate Planning Services

Alan Jacobs & Associates provides specialist Trust and Legal Estate planning services. This service is an essential part in everyone’s life. It is important to note that if you have liabilities and assets, then you should have an estate plan in place.

Our legal services are well-established and highly respected. Therefore, we are the perfect choice for all your Trust and Legal Estate planning needs. Having a clear Will and Testament allows you to ensure that your estate goes to who you want it to go to. 

At Alan Jacobs & Associates we highly recommended that you give yourself the opportunity to create the correct mechanisms to protect your future wealth efficiently ensuring, your estate does not go to the state. We are therefor able to assist our clients with the following Trust and Estate planning legal services, in the most tax efficient manner.

  • Wills and testaments

  • Family trusts

  • Business trust

  • Estate executor service

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Alan Jacobs & Associates is a boutique law firm that offers a full range of legal services. Our legal team is headed up by Alan Jacobs, with over 35 years of uninterrupted legal experience in all aspects of South African Law. Contact us for more information about how to get an experienced, passionate and committed Alan Jacobs & Associates lawyer on your side.mbers of the Law Society of the Northern Province. Contact us for more information about how to get an experienced Alan Jacobs & Associates lawyer on your side.